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Why Paw Planet?

Anti anxiety calming dog bed

+ Calming effect: Each dog bed smells like you, so it's both calming & comfortable.

+ High quality: Paw Planet's sustainable calming dog bed is made from 100% cotton canvas material.

+ Eco friendly: Saves waste by keeping your stuff out of landfills.

+ Machine washable:Each bed is preshrunk, durable & washable.

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The most calming and eco friendly bed you can buy for your pet

85% of dogs in the UK suffer from separation anxiety.

Paw Planet's pet calming bed smells just like you. This helps reduce your dogs anxiety when you are gone.

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Dog blankets

Invite them up! Our dog blankets provide quick coverage against hair, dirt and popcorn while they binge-watch with you.

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Car seat covers

Ride in style with our car seat covers. Give your furry backseat driver a comfortable and stylish ride while keeping both your seats and your dog safe.

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  • Stuffable Paw Planet eco bed

    Filled with your old pillows, blankets, shirts 19 lbs of CO2e emissions.

  • Polyfil and foam dog beds

    Filled with polyfil, foam or who really knows? 130 lbs of CO2e emissions.

Sustainable Pet Products

The love of our pets and our planet is at the heart of everything we do in each of our premium eco friendly pet products.